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Experts in Home Security Lead Generation


ReviMedia is an expert in developing, executing and optimizing home security lead generation. We’ve been active in this vertical since 2013 when we acquired home security assets from N2O Marketing. Since then we’ve been growing our footprint in the industry by widening our dealer network and optimizing our home security lead generation channels.

ReviMedia runs internally developed lead gen campaigns that are continuously optimized with day, time, lifestyle, demographics and quality filters. Moreover, we offer state-of-the-art lead gen technology with our lead exchange platform LXP® which includes patent-pending verification and scoring technology that enables us to rate the quality of leads and how likely they are to convert into sales.

High-Quality Home Security Leads with

The home security industry is booming and more customers than ever are looking for home security product quotes online. In order to connect the increasing amount of customers with national and local home security dealers, we increased our focus on this industry and launched our newest venture:

This premium domain is an innovative consumer portal that allows home security dealers to obtain real-time leads from interested prospects who are searching for home safety solutions. Thanks to this strong new brand, we are able to provide dealers with high quality leads within milliseconds.

How does it work?

We run national online search, social media, email and geo-targeted campaigns that attract high quality traffic to, where we capture leads with our advanced lead gen forms. Once on the form, potential buyers fill in brief questionnaires that include a variety of questions that help home security dealers to determine whether or not they can serve the needs of individual sales prospects. After we verify the individual lead information with telephone and address crosschecks, we deliver leads in real-time together with a lead score, giving insights into the lead quality. All our partners get access to our lead exchange platform LXP® which allows them to get direct insights, as well as to manage, evaluate and bid on leads in their area.

Promoting Local Dealers with

A big part of our strategy behind our premium domain is to promote local dealers. There is a massive need among local dealers for qualified, real-time leads, and we strongly believe in the power of local marketing. As speed is key to success, local dealers especially are to ramp up their lead gen success by following-up within seconds of lead submission.

What do we offer?

With, we now offer four different home security products to lead buyers:

  • Exclusive Leads: Leads fitting your preferences are directly and only sold to you
  • Shared Leads: Leads are sold up to 3 times to:
    • Nationwide home security companies
    • Regional Sales Offices
    • Local Dealers
  • Calls: Our mobile campaigns transfer prospects directly, or generate direct inbound calls.
  • Click Market Place: Sales Inquiries are directed to Home Security Company Listings on a Thank-You-Page after their quote inquiry, which increases the visibility of companies, and therefore results in higher web traffic and lead closing potential.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying leads, clicks and calls. We are happy to help!

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