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Health Insurance Lead Gen

Health Insurance generally comprises coverage from the risk of medical expenses. Insurance carriers develop monthly premiums by estimating overall risk of health care and expenses. Policies usually include medical expenses, loss from accidents, dismemberment or disability.

With ongoing changes in the US health legislation, most people have little knowledge of what their options are for health insurance. For the health insurance industry this is good news as millions of Americans will be looking for the right health insurance. Moreover, with changing policies and rate increases, many people will also consult experts on how to save money.

While specifics of the US health insurance are still being debated, there are of course supporters and opponents of the policy. While many opponents fear that only one universal health care plan will be available, supporters point out that the additional tax revenue will help to finance increasing health care costs as well as support doctors and hospitals. Having mandatory health insurance may, imply that customers will not be allowed to be denied health care, meaning that health insurance may become more expensive.

Health Insurance

In terms of health insurance lead generation, there is a clear shift in consumer behavior with most people now looking online for the most affordable health care plan. Almost 169 million US adults now go online to look for health insurance, compared to 99 million in 2005. In fact, health and symptom-related searches are among the most common internet searches.

This offers a real chance for health insurance lead generators to raise awareness for brands, create interest in products and get prospective clients to sign up for health insurance policies. Increasing internet use provides brands with the opportunity to offer informative, good quality content to attract real interest from consumers.

Despite the massive interest, good health insurance leads are hard to find. This is why ReviMedia’s lead exchange platform PX is equipped with the most advanced lead generation technology to test health insurance leads on their quality, origin and legitimacy before passing them on to buyers. Health insurance is a product that offers itself for cross-selling tactics in lead generation since many consumers may also be looking for life insurance or disability insurance.