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The automotive industry in the United States is amongst the largest in the world. About 8.1 million cars were produced annually in the US from 2007 to 2011 (International Trade Association, 2011). The biggest three US auto companies are General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. In addition, a lot of large Asian car manufacturers including Honda, Toyota and Nissan have manufacturing facilities in the US. The automotive manufacturing industry employed about 826,700 in November 2013 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).

The US automotive market is at the forefront of technical innovation and development. An estimated 2.5 million cars were exported to countries around the world, valued at $60.9 billion (International Trade Association, 2013). With a highly skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure, a large market and stimulating investment policies, the outlook for the US automotive industry is more than positive.

Automotive Lead Generation

In 2013, new car sales amounted up to 15.6 million, the highest level since 2007 (CBC, 2013). There are various reasons why there has been an increase in car sales: The economy is improving and  unemployment is decreasing. Moreover, many cars in the United States are old. On average, trucks on US roads are almost 11 years old and there have been many surveys showing that car owners hold on to their cars for as long as they can.

The automotive lead generation market has also seen a great shift in consumer behavior with more than 90% of consumers now using the internet to compare new and old car rates and to find out about vehicles. But with information overload on the internet, many dealers struggle to attract genuinely interested shoppers.

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