Lead Exchange Features

QiQ Patent-Pending Lead Scoring

Patent-Pending Lead Scoring for better traffic insight

Determine the quality of leads with our patent-pending lead scoring technology QiQ (Quality Index for Quantities). Our lead exchange platform PX does not only triple-verify all processed leads, but also scores them to give you better insight into the quality and performance of your traffic sources. QiQ rates leads according to over 30 parameters, taking into account lead origin, lead quality, and buyer tier, so we can predict user interest and buying intent to calculate lead quality levels and scalability. In other words, QiQ enables you to receive exactly the leads you are looking for.


Convert your Mobile Traffic

Mobile lead generation is the new buzz word and we’re on top of it. What better way to find guaranteed high quality sales inquiries than to have them call you directly? PX offers top-notch campaigns with advanced Click2Call functionality, improving the retention of highly interested mobile users and enabling the monetization of mobile traffic. Thanks to immediate results, Click2Call results in higher lead conversions and less risk. We provide our publishers with unique 1-800-numbers, as well as white-labeled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus. Gain insight into the quality of callers thanks to our innovative call analytics which only connect verified calls.

Lead Verification

Guaranteed High Quality

We’ve integrated automated verification processes into our lead exchange to achieve higher quality for you. All leads that are processed by PX have been triple-verified with our sophisticated lead verification technology, preventing fraud and filtering out sub-standard leads. Thanks to integrations with third-party providers, data is compared to external databases. Moreovoer, we have methods in place that filter out bad data from the go. You can rest assured that the leads you are exchanging are 100% fraud free. Pick out the degree of verification that fits your needs and let PX do the rest.

Dynamic Forms

Easy to integrate on your campaign or website

Gain access to industry-leading offers which have been optimized for maximum performance. Our innovative lead generation campaigns enable our publishers to increase their monetization of their traffic and provide our lead buyers with high quality leads. PX allows you to try out different offers, integrate them into your website, and track which are performing the best. Switch easily between verticals and find the right fit for you.

Real Time Reports

Sophisticated Lead Management Tools

Gain access to sophisticated lead tracking and advanced management tools included in our lead exchange. Stay on top and gain full control over the lead generation process. Our in-house developed algorithms determine the best routing and matching between leads and buyers.

Lead Distribution

Delivers the Perfect Match

Our in-house developed algorithms find the perfect lead match for you with the best possible routing. PX includes multi buyer-tiers that calculate exactly which lead data corresponds with buyer criteria. With our lead exchange platform, you can rest assured that you never miss a lead. We ping leads in milliseconds and guarantee 24/7 lead distribution.


Boost your Revenue Now

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