Wired Insights: Lead Generation Trends

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ReviMedia is featured in the Wired Innovations Blog this month with its Top 5 Tips to Increase Lead Generation.

ReviMedia’s CEO Frans Van Hulle talks about the five lead generation trends that have the greatest influence on the industry.

Among these trends are:

  • Mobile: Among the most important lead generation trends is mobile lead gen. Since internet use is shifting more and more towards mobile devices, marketers need to learn to use the mobile user’s behavior to their advantage. Mobile users are likely to search for services or information they need at that very moment.
  • Marketing Automation: Instead of relying on manual input which is less efficient, marketers can use marketing automation tools to become more effective in aligning departments, evaluating strategies and campaigns, and optimizing processes.
  • Data: Another lead generation trend is to depend on data mining and modeling to maximize efficiency and conversions. An organization that can analyze its data is better equipped to evaluate its marketing strategies, to establish correlations between user behavior and sales-readiness, and to determine which channels produce the highest-quality leads.
  • Content:Content marketing offers the easiest way for marketers to build long-lasting relationships with customers, and to nurture leads in the long-term. By providing informative and useful content, companies can increase brand-awareness, as well as position themselves as experts.
  • Greater Transparency: Marketers need to make more of an effort these days to be transparent. New guidelines under the TCPA, give consumers more rights to opt out of robocalls. Moreover, regulations such as CAN-SPAN protect consumers from spam. It’s also more important than ever for the lead generation industry to become more transparent with regard to where traffic is coming from in order to prevent fraud. Striving for greater transparency is an important lead generation trend that should not be ignored