Where will content marketing be in 2018?

Frans van Hulle - ReviMedia CEO

As part of ContentRunner’s Q&A series about content marketing, our very own CEO Frans Van Hulle, gave his opinions of where content marketing will be in 2018.

What are your predicitions regarding the state of content marketing by 2018? What will change in the next few years?

Mobile Content

It is highly likely that by 2018, 90% of all content will be consumed on mobile devices. As a result, content display will change dramatically in the coming years, making digital display more seamless across different devices. This means, it won’t matter anymore on which device you access content – the experience, design and display will be the same.

Relying on Analytics

Many more distribution channels will be added to the current channels, and it will become even more important for companies to analyze and measure their impact across distribution channels. This means, companies will pay more attention to metrics, i.e. how many downloads were made, how many leads were captured, or how much traffic was driven towards their website. With so much content being created, it will important for companies to figure out which content is actually in demand. This data will feed back into content marketing strategies.

Dynamic Content

Interactive and visual content, such as infographs, videos or slideshows, will become the dominant form of content display. Especially since users are likely to access all content on mobile devices, dynamic content is important in capturing consumer interest and offering information on-the-go.

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