Our Lead Generation Predictions for 2014

ReviMedia Lead Gen

2013 was quite the year. Especially in lead gen, five major trends emerged that will manifest themselves even further in 2014.

1. Quality, Quality, Quality

There has been a much higher demand for quality standards – Lead Buyers are now putting just as much importance on high lead quality as on high lead volume. This has supported the rise of lead verification technologies and systems which decrease fraud and eliminate sub-standard leads.

2. Fight against fraud

Speaking of fraud, there has also been an overall effort in the industry to fight fraud by implementing systems that monitor publishers more closely and reveal the origins and sources of leads.

3. More Power to the Consumer

In 2013, new rules were added to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), furthering consumer protection from unwanted autodialed or pre-recorded marketing calls.  Again, another step towards higher lead quality standards, establishing trust and transparency within the industry and improving the customer experience.

4. Rising Importance of Social Media

Social media networks have become an extremely important distribution channel for lead generation which is why many social networks  made an active effort to improve tools for customer acquisition. Twitter’s lead gen cards allow businesses to publish expanded tweets with promotions and sign-up options. Facebook also revamped its ad-buying platform in an effort to make it simpler for companies to reach their target audience.

5. It’s all about mobile 

 With the rising use of smartphones and tablets, there is more focus on reaching mobile audiences. With mobile lead generation having such high potential, companies under more pressure to provide mobile-enabled and mobile-optimized websites and pages. The immediacy of mobile lead generation and the possibility of reaching consumers on the go has opened doors for new apps and technologies.

So, what’s in store for 2014?

  • Social Media will continue to be a major channel for marketers, with social media ad spend surely increasing in 2014. Especially Linkedin and Google+ will become important tools for B2B lead generation
  • Mobile technology will continue to evolve and companies will make a push to make the integration between web and mobile lead generation as seamless as possible. Moreover, Mobile Real-Time Ad Buying Platforms will evolve and become mainstream in 2014
  • There is a large appetite for content. That’s why content marketing will continue its rule in 2014. Visual content is hot and trending, with companies trying to engage especially their mobile users.
  • The need for automation will dominate. Automation can help to increase lead quality by setting quality standards and can make companies more efficient by automating time-consuming lead generation processes.