What are the Top Ten most expensive pets?

New infographic by PetInsuranceComparison.net provides overview of most expensive pets in terms of medical care and a general overview of the US pet insurance market.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Did you know that there is more than 1 pet per 2 people in America? About 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equals to 72.9 million pet owning homes with about 377.4 million pets. For most pet owners, their furry friends are family members who deserve the best life they could possibly have. But when pets need medical care, veterinary bills can easily skyrocket with many people struggling to foot the bill.

While most pets have to take trips to the vet at some point in their lives, some particular breeds are more prone to ailments and diseases than others and need more expensive or frequent medical treatments. PetInsuranceComparison’s new infographic “The Top Ten Most Expensive Pets” reveals which pets are high maintenance and rack up the highest vet bills in the course of a year.

A dog’s life?! This could be true for Rottweilers. While they make intelligent and protective companions, they are often plagued by allergies, gastric torsions or hypothyroidism. With 63% of all Rottweiler vet trips due to illnesses, they topped the list of most expensive dogs with an average annual medical expense of $567.53. For cats, the gorgeous Siamese lead the list of felines which need a little extra veterinary care to preserve their nine lives. These exotic blue-eyed beauties most commonly suffer from diseases such as gingivitis, respiratory problems and liver disease with Siamese cat owners spending about $396 per year on medical treatments. Other cats and dogs that top the list of most expensive pets are Great Danes, English Bulldogs, Himalayans and Ragdolls.

On average, Americans spend about $50.84 billion a year on pet expenses of which half ($25.81 billion) are used for medical expenses. The pet industry is booming with many Americans investing more than ever in treatments and care to give their pets the most comfortable life. Although pet insurance could cover up to 90% of most vet bills, only 3% of 78 million dogs and 1% of 86.4 million cats in America are insured. And in total, only 1% of all pets (including birds, horses, exotic and small animals and fish) in America are insured which is quite a low number compared to countries like Sweden (49%) and the UK (12%).

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