ReviMedia Revamps Core Engine of Proprietary Lead Exchange Platform LXP®

ReviMedia OfficeReviMedia, Inc., an innovative lead gen company in the insurance and home security space, today announced the significant update of core functions of its lead exchange platform, LXP®. The updates mainly pertain to its patent-pending lead scoring tool QiQ, for which the company received an Eloqua Markie finalist award in 2013.

QiQ is the core engine of ReviMedia’s proprietary lead exchange platform LXP, which has processed over 6.5 mm leads in multiple verticals since its launch in 2012. The platform includes pioneering solutions to automate lead scoring and verification, optimization, and analytics for greater efficiency.

ReviMedia developed QiQ as part of its lead exchange platform in order to contribute to greater transparency in the lead generation industry, in which many buyers and publishers don’t have sufficient insight into the lead data. Responding to a recent shift in the lead gen industry away from lead quantity towards a model that puts more emphasis on quality, QiQ provides a sophisticated tool to predict the user intent as well as a level of interest in the product promoted.

With the new updates, QiQ’s algorithms have been fine-tuned which have resulted in a 58% increase of accuracy in predicting user intent. This improved accuracy can mainly be attributed to expanding parameters analyzing user behavior on the online marketing campaigns, and changing the weight of parameters to mirror their interrelations. Moreover, ReviMedia extended QiQ’s lead verification which has resulted in a 12% improvement in quality by preventing fraudulent practices. Lastly, QiQ is now also available to buyers and publishers in the form of a script which can be integrated into forms in order to score and verify lead data in real-time.

“Our updated algorithms for QiQ have improved our lead scoring system immensely, making lead exchange a much more transparent process. Buyers and publishers now have more accurate insights into the leads they’re buying. The lead scoring system is getting more and more precise based on millions of records collected; we see clear trends and correlation in this data of great value.”, said CEO of ReviMedia Frans Van Hulle.

ReviMedia is lead sponsor of LeadsCon Las Vegas 2014 and will be attending the premier lead generation conference March 25-26, where it will introduce its lead exchange platform’s updated scoring engine to fellow marketers.

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