ReviMedia to Plant Over Three Thousand Trees in 2014

ReviMedia Trees Project

NEW YORK, July 21, 2014 – Lead generation powerhouse ReviMedia announced today a new corporate responsibility program to offset its greenhouse gas emissions by planting 3,500 trees in the deforested region of Veraguas, Panama. Over the last 2 years, ReviMedia’s team has planted over 5,000 trees in an effort to reduce its impact on the environment as a business, and to raise awareness for sustainable business practices in the online marketing community.

According to the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, published in 2014, the warming of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans is now unequivocal. Impacts of climate change include sea levels rising, higher frequency of extreme weather, and the overall warming of the atmosphere. Moreover, environmental degradation caused by deforestation is exacerbating conditions.

ReviMedia has recognized its responsibility as a business in counteracting the impact it has on the environment. Having calculated its greenhouse gas emissions in-house, ReviMedia’s total CO2 emissions equal 75 Metric Tons comprised of business travel (mainly due to having offices around the globe), electricity, employee commuting, and paper carbon offset.

To offset its emissions, ReviMedia has decided to actively get involved in reforestation efforts in the region of Veraguas, Panama. Since there are no definitive guidelines on how much CO2 different types of trees absorb, the company has chosen a resilient and fast-growing type of tree which grows well in Panama’s tropical climate and absorbs about 48 pounds of CO2 per year: the Pine tree. In order to offset 75MT of CO2, ReviMedia will plant over 3,500 trees this year.

“We have the aim of becoming a fully sustainable company, and are including our employees in these efforts. Our employees plant trees together with local farmers, giving them an opportunity to get involved and to learn about the importance of trees for the local environment”, said CEO Frans Van Hulle.”

By planting trees in Panama, ReviMedia will also contribute to local employment generation and poverty reduction.

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