ReviMedia Partners with LeadiD

LeadId logoLeading online lead generation company ReviMedia has partnered with LeadiD in an effort to authenticate lead origin. 

NEW YORK, NY – Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc. has partnered with LeadiD to authenticate lead origination and history. The goal is to improve overall quality in the lead generation market by leveraging a neutral, independent 3rd party platform, while increasing and restoring trusted lead transactions between buyers and sellers.

Over the past several years, online insurance lead generation has experienced industry-wide decline in lead quality, with fraud and misrepresentation of data becoming rampant. Recently, the industry has seen a vast influx of new players which have added to the complexity of distribution, and the lack of transparency for agents wanting to know where this data came from and where it has been. Furthermore, the undersold model has also attracted many affiliates who have introduced fraudulent or recycled leads into the market. As a result, overall lead marketing spend has greatly decreased creating a depressed marketplace due to lack of trust between buyers and sellers has deteriorated.

In order to help improve the situation and commit to lead quality, ReviMedia has decided to implement LeadiD to provide clients with LeadIDs and to better manage affiliate channels. LeadiD creates a unique ID associated with each lead event as the lead is generated. This unique ID number is passed on to all ReviMedia lead buyers, giving those buyers confidence, clarity and trust about the origination and history of the lead. ReviMedia is among the first insurance lead companies to utilize this innovative technology and believes other industry providers should align with LeadiD as well.

ReviMedia is always focused on being ahead of the game by addressing and improving lead quality head-on. We welcome initiatives like LeadiD which allow for better fraud-detection and higher transparency in the market. We think that the market is in need of introducing measures like LeadiD to restore trust and continue to promote best practices in the industry. A system like this is most effective when everyone in the industry is on board,” said Bas Offers, COO of ReviMedia.

“We are excited to welcome ReviMedia to the LeadiD family and echo their message and call to action. Insurance lead buyers should require LeadiDs with their insurance leads. This is an entirely free service, instills a direct transactional trust between buyer and seller and protects all of the seller’s proprietary assets. You no longer would consider buying a car without a VIN number. It’s time to stop buying leads without a LeadiD. Especially when LeadiD brings both the buyer and seller unprecedented data insight into the origin and history of their leads,” says Rob Rokoff, Vice President of LeadiD.

Implementing LeadiD is a continuation of ReviMedia’s commitment to the insurance lead buyers and ongoing quality initiatives as the industry moves into a new phase of accountability and trust in each transaction.

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