ReviMedia looks back on 2012

ReviMedia Lead Gen
2012 is coming to an end and we’re proud to announce that this has been ReviMedia’s most successful year so far.

First of all, our team has more than doubled in size. We’ve welcomed many new colleagues adding to our diverse and international team. In addition to our offices in New York, Panama and Amsterdam, we are now also based in Raleigh, North Carolina and Odessa, Ukraine. ReviMedia is really becoming a global player and we believe our international presence has many advantages in harnessing worldwide talent and responding to global trends.

Secondly, ReviMedia truly became a lead generation powerhouse and has experienced enormous growth both in lead volume and in lead quality. We made a considerable shift away from quantity towards quality this year and implemented many external and internal lead verification systems to guarantee quality in our lead exchange processes as part of this concept. This has resulted in exceptional increase in lead conversions.

Next to our insurance lead gen activities, we added two new verticals to our portfolio: Pet Insurance and Automotive, and are pleased to say that we’ve been off to a running start in these industries. We also laid the groundwork to kick off lead generation for home owners, life and disability insurance early next year.

Domain acquisition continues to be a high priority for ReviMedia, and in 2012 we acquired about 100 new domains. Some of these are premium domains such as,,,, and Domain acquisitions and development are an important part of our strategy in building up high-quality, organic traffic and in creating trustworthy brands.

As for our gem, our lead exchange platform LXP, we are proud to say that we really are on the way towards developing one of the most sophisticated lead exchange platforms. LXP is now trademarked and there have been many technical advances this year in further optimizing and automating the lead generation process. Mainly, the Quality Index for Quantities (QIQ) now scores leads in real-time and evaluates lead origin, buyer tier and salability. We also implemented external lead verification systems, such as LeadID, eBureau and TeleSign, to increase lead quality.  Another important part of our platform is the new Campaigns Development System (CDS) which enables us to create new innovative campaigns faster and with higher conversions. We’ve been working on a wide range of campaigns, including Zip Code Submits, long and short forms, quizzes, iFrames and mobile-enabled campaigns. And, our development team has developed a sophisticated JS API which allows publishers to run any of our dynamic forms on their website. Big updates have also been made on the lead handling and lead distribution on our lead poster and we’ve implemented extensive reporting in real-time.

So, what’s next for 2013? There is one only way and it’s UP! We’ll work on further optimizing our platform, on becoming a key player in multiple verticals and focusing on technical solutions to benefit our partners and end users.

We want to wish you and your families peaceful and Happy Holidays and a prosperous, Happy New Year. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our partnerships in 2013.