ReviMedia launches innovative Lead Exchange Platform

Leading online marketing company ReviMedia is launching its proprietary lead exchange platform LXP.

NEW YORK, NY – Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc. is commercially launching its proprietary lead exchange platform LXP. It offers the newest technology in lead exchange across various verticals, ranging from insurance and automotive to mortgage.

LXP is based on a framework which was developed in-house by ReviMedia’s internal development team over the last 2 years. The platform offers affiliates advantages over conventional lead exchange networks by integrating innovative tools to optimize lead exchange.

The platform includes a Campaigns Development System (CDS) which provides affiliates with dynamic campaign templates integrating java-script API tools. Using in-house developed algorithms, LXP maximizes lead values by calculating the best possible match between lead and buyer. In order to combat fraud and to offer buyers high-quality leads, the platform connects with external data validation systems. It compares user information across various databases to filter out low quality traffic and uses eBureau’s sophisticated verification and scoring system which verifies and rates leads in real-time. Through its advanced lead distribution technology, the system can identify higher-quality traffic and pass it on to the right buyers. The platform already handles over 5,000 leads a day, a number which is rapidly growing.

“We are proud of launching LXP which can offer our affiliates a great competitive advantage. With the help of our platform, we are able to create more added-value in the lead generation process for our media partners and lead buyers”, said CEO Frans Van Hulle.

The platform is already connected to over 500 publishers including some of the leading affiliates in the business. The network of buyers is steadily growing with an average of 20 buyers a month, easily being integrated through APIs. ReviMedia will keep investing in the further development of the platform to support its international growth and to be able to further automate the lead generation process.

ReviMedia, Inc. is an online lead generation company specialized in developing and executing direct response and performance marketing campaigns. Its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP, supports high quality lead generation in insurance verticals, exclusive in-house offers and more.