ReviMedia enters home insurance lead generation

Online lead generation company ReviMedia has added home insurance to its product portfolio.
NEW YORK, NY – Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc. has expanded its lead generation activities into the home insurance industry. With the property market slowly picking up, ReviMedia saw an opportunity and a necessity to connect local agents to home insurance buyers.

Home Frame Screenshot The housing market is seeing its first signs of recovery since the global financial meltdown in 2009 and the number of people shopping for new homes is starting to increase. Moreover, mortgage rates have fallen to record lows in the past 3 years, and the construction of single-family houses is increasing at a rate of 539,000 annually, according to the Commerce Department. Home owners’ insurance rates have continued to increase since 2009, due to a more frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, fires, and hurricanes. Therefore, ReviMedia sees an opportunity to generate leads and give potential home insurance buyers a tool to find the best deals.

“We are excited about expanding into the home insurance industry. We believe that our activity in the home vertical in addition to our presence in the automotive, health and pet vertical will allow us to position ourselves as a major player in the insurance industry as we’re offering products that are relevant across multiple verticals.  We’re continuously improving our campaigns in order to offer our lead buyers the highest quality leads possible”, says CEO Frans Van Hulle.

ReviMedia’s inclusion of the home vertical has been a natural progression given their activity in the auto insurance vertical. ReviMedia was therefore able to test home insurance using a cross-selling tactic and is now ready for roll-out. Multiple lead buyers have already been connected and home insurance will be added to ReviMedia’s portal BestQuotes,com []. First test results of home insurance leads look promising and are of excellent quality reflecting high user interest.

ReviMedia, Inc, is an online lead generation company specialized in developing and executing direct response and performance marketing campaigns. Its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP, supports high quality lead generation in insurance verticals, exclusive in-house offers and more. ReviMedia has offices in New York City, Panama City and Amsterdam.