ReviMedia announces architectural redesign of lead exchange platform LXP’s core engine

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New York, NY (May 8, 2014) — ReviMedia, Inc., an innovative lead gen company in the insurance, automotive and home security space, today announced the architectural redesign of the core engine of its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP®. With this update, LXP® has become more scalable and faster in matching interested users with advertisers.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing lead generation industry, and the fast growth of ReviMedia as a company, the core engine of LXP®, responsible for lead posting and distribution, has been overhauled. As a result of the redevelopment of LXP®’s engine, the platform’s ping-trees have been updated which has rapidly improved the speed of lead auctioning and direct posting by over 100%. This means LXP®’s lead buyers are now able to follow-up on leads even faster, harnessing the full potential of speed in sales conversions.

Further, this update allows ReviMedia to support both exclusive and shared lead models. In order to ensure lead quality in this process, the update of the engine also includes a unique filter system which allows interested buyers to only receive leads that match a range of criteria, such as, but not limited to, ZIP codes, demographics and pricing.

“The architectural redesign of our core engine has taken our lead exchange platform to a whole new level, delivering exclusive and shared leads in milliseconds. This update has also made LXP® much faster, giving our 200+ buyers an edge in follow-up”, said CEO of ReviMedia Frans Van Hulle.

The company recently introduced its proprietary lead scoring system QiQ™ which delivers insights into real user interest and intent, resulting in an increase in lead scoring accuracy of 58%. These two latest updates have made LXP® one of the most advanced lead generation platforms in the world, allowing ReviMedia to keep up with the growth of the platform which has processed over 6.8 mm leads since its commercial launch in 2012.

Find the press release here.