ReviMedia acquires Disability Insurance Website

Disability InsuranceLeading online marketing company ReviMedia has reinforced its position in the health insurance business by offering a website to compare disability insurance providers.

NEW YORK, NY – Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc. has partnered with to acquire, a website which educates users on the importance of disability insurance and provides tools to obtain quotes from disability insurance providers. According to the United States Census Bureau, about 36 million Americans suffered from permanent or temporary disabilities in 2011. They represent about 12 percent of the civilian non-institutionalized population. Disabilities are not only costly in terms of medical expenses, but they also prevent affected people from successfully participating in the labor market. In terms of income, 21% of the disabled population aged 16 and older, lives below the poverty level compared to only 11% of the same age group without disabilities. Similarly, 72% of disabled people aged 16 and older are not in the labor force compared to 27% percent of people without disabilities.

Disabilities can come in all shapes and forms, from visual or hearing impairments to walking inabilities. Unfortunately, disability insurance is not often offered by employers even though medical expenditures and potential unemployment can put tremendous financial strains on individuals and families. Thus, disability insurance is crucial in offering financial protection to people affected by permanent or temporary disabilities. In order to provide users with helpful information on disability insurance, ReviMedia partnered with to acquire the service which aims to educate the general public on disabilities with the help of an online learning center and provides useful information on disability insurance. The website also offers tools to request affordable insurance rates.

“We are proud to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of disability insurance which can offer people income protection in case of temporary or permanent disabilities. We want to help users to make an informed choice and support them in finding the cheapest option for disability insurance”, said CEO of ReviMedia Frans Van Hulle.

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