Quiz-Based Platform Increases Conversions

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Quiz-Based Platform Increases Conversions on our Insurance Lead Generation

NEW YORK— Online Marketing company ReviMedia announces the launch of its EarnID campaign, which is designed to increase conversion by simultaneously engaging users and generating a personalized offer based on each users responses.

ReviMedia is currently working with several advertisers to launch its EarnID campaigns, which have so far been extremely successful in the insurance lead generation for its clients.

“This manner of advertising is much more effective at getting conversions than a traditional banner ad because people want to be entertained. We also worked with insurance companies and other advertisers to make sure our questions are designed to profile each user so the offer is tailored to his or her specific needs,” said Bas Offers, ReviMedia co-founder.

Each vertical have different type of offers. Our most popular quizzes are: What’s Your BMI?, Are You a Risk Taker?, and Are You a Family Man? Besides receiving fun assessments based on their responses, each user is also entered in a prize drawing for flat screen TVs, gift cards, and spa vacations, among others.