Publisher Tip: Pre-Sell Landing Pages

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PUBLISHER TIP: Using Pre-Sell Landing Pages to Increase Conversion Rates.

Using a pre-sell landing page is nothing new, however, pre-selling is something that few people know about or do.  Using a jump page in between your ad and our landing pages not only narrows the sales funnel and improves the quality of the consumer who comes to our sites, but it will also boost your conversion rates dramatically.  This is because, what happens before a person visits our offer page is equally as important as what happens while they’re actually on our site.  Gaining a consumer’s trust is the most important factor when building out your pre-sell page.

At ReviMedia, we work constantly to establish credibility on our suite of offers and landing pages. Establishing this credibility and trust with consumers allows us to increase the conversion rates on our offers. But its equally or more important to build this credibility and trust before consumers land on our offer pages.  This is because consumers are generally conditioned to not believe what they read online.  That is where pre-selling comes in.

Some tips on building pre-sell pages

  • Building engaging and attention getting landing pages:  Writing solid and attention grabbing copy is critical. Since it’s the first thing people will see. Split test different ad copy, images, fonts, and layouts to see which set earns you the highest Click-Through rates.
  • Advertorial and comparison pages work best for our offers.
  • If you can, collect some data on the pre-sell page. Generally zip code and a few other questions (for auto insurance, it is common to ask age, currently insured, and if they’ve had a DUI in the past 3 years).  Collecting this data serves two main purposes. First, it engages the user and allows them to interact on your pre-sell page. Second, you can pass this information to us in the link and we will pre-populate these values into our forms, which will help to improve conversion rate even more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.