Pocket Guide to Generating High Revenue in Windows

By: Asaf Levy

Home improvement is red hot at the moment. At ReviMedia, our affiliate marketing partners that buy premium traffic on channels like Google, Facebook and via emails, are seeing through-the-roof returns, particularly in the long-overlooked windows installation vertical. Many of our partners are now bringing their marketing business to the next level. We can see that a little creativity and fresh content go a long way. Pair these with smart, eye-catching offers and you’ll be well on your way toward earning thousands a month too.

Why Windows?

Home ownership and construction are back on the rise, so now’s a great time to consider adding windows to your performance-marketing mix. The reason is simple: windows are a high-value product that basically any homeowner needs. That means windows have a very broad appeal. Because the market is so vast, it’s also very diverse, so playing into your own niche gives you a real advantage.  Plus, like many home improvement necessities, windows are a great bargain-hunting item, so special offers make a big impact.

Not sure where to start? This pocket guide will set you on the path to monetizing your traffic in the booming windows vertical.

1- Own Your Success

Your first step towards cashing in is to take full control of your own marketing operation. There’s no way to get ahead of your competition if you’re just promoting the same tired offers as everyone else. Our track record shows that creating your own white-label website makes all the difference. Once you take ownership of your content, you cater specifically to your niche market. That’s why ReviMedia supports you in creating your own domain where you can pour your heart into your marketing business.

2- No Boundaries

Don’t let the tech giants fence in your business. With ReviMedia, you profit from the freedom to promote your white-label, original domain anywhere you want. Who cares if Facebook and Google don’t allow you to promote affiliate links? Once you partner with ReviMedia, you’ll promote your original sites instead.

3- Always On

Your offers must be consistent and always on. If your network puts an offer on ice, you’re stuck without a source of revenue. That’s why ReviMedia owns and operates its own offers. You never have to worry about them suddenly going up in smoke, so you can rely on a steady revenue stream. Your offers are always on – and so are your earnings.

4- Total Creative Freedom

You know your niche market better than any big company possibly could. That means you can create messaging that is sure to appeal to them. Instead of dealing with creative limitations and generic messages, let your creativity shine through. Work with ReviMedia through an API, allowing you to fully own your creatives. This will set you apart from your competition and establish lasting, lucrative bonds with your market.

5- Window of Opportunity

Like all market booms, the windows boom won’t last forever. Now is the time to get on board and reap the rewards. Reach out now to get started in this exciting, high-performance vertical. And start thinking about how you’re going to spend that extra income!

To better monetize your traffic, please contact our Affiliate Team.