Payoneer Powers Cross-Border Payments for ReviMedia

Payoneer Powers our Cross-Border Payments

ReviMedia, a global partner network, has selected Payoneer, a leading online payments company, to transform the way they send cross-border payments to their affiliates around the world. This partnership will allow ReviMedia to send payments to over 200 countries and territories and distribute funds in over 150 currencies through Payoneer’s robust and flexible payment platform.

ReviMedia works with a network of global affiliates. Through Payoneer, ReviMedia will be able to deliver fast and flexible payment options worldwide to their network. “Not only do we strive to offer our affiliate partners the best payment terms, we also want them to feel at ease doing business with us. We know this integration will smooth out the billing process while ensuring our affiliates’ cash flow, said ReviMedia CEO, Frans van Hulle.

ReviMedia joins Payoneer’s vast ecosystem of over 4 million users and thousands of corporate clients, including industry giants like Airbnb, Amazon, Getty Images, Google and Upwork. Through Payoneer’s innovative payments platform, ReviMedia will now be able to deliver fast, low-cost, flexible payment options to its affiliates around the world. Payoneer users will now have the ability to get paid in real-time from ReviMedia and access the funds in their local currency.

“We are happy to announce that ReviMedia is joining our roster of valued clients and to expand the Payoneer network for our users,” stated Yair Tal, Head of Payoneer Enterprise. “Our mission is to empower businesses to grow globally by providing them with a wide range of cross-border payment solutions. We look forward to working with ReviMedia to open up new international opportunities for their business.”

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