Why you need to attend LeadsCon

LeadsCon Panel

LeadsCon New York is only a couple of months away, and if you are unsure yet whether to go or not, we have some highly convincing reasons for you to register asap.

For most marketers, LeadsCon is THE primary platform to get together and exchange experiences and knowledge, and to discuss trends. The conference was founded in 2007 to provide a forum specifically lead generation, and has developed into the main industry event over the last 7 years. The event attracts thousands of companies and marketers every year.

ReviMedia has sponsored LeadsCon three times in the past; twice as Silver Sponsor and once as Lead Sponsor of LeadsCon Las Vegas 2014. Being seasoned LeadsCon alumni, we have a few tips on why you should not miss out on attending LeadsCon:

1. Networking

Every major decision-maker in the industry is attending LeadsCon. Whether you are looking to connect with buyers, need a technology-solution provider, or simply want to learn more about trends in the lead generation industry, you will find what you are looking for at LeadsCon. Since it is the main industry event, it attracts a lot of players from a large array of verticals and industries.

2. Gaining exposure

LeadsCon includes a huge 2-day exhibition hall where companies get to showcase their newest products and services with custom booths. Some companies use this opportunity to present breathtaking booths, gadgets and all sort of creative ideas to drive traffic to their booth. This is a unique chance for marketers to get in direct touch with potential partners and clients, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their companies and products. Moreover, you can apply to become a speaker at the event. Giving either solo or joint presentations, or participating on a panel discussing trends or solutions, can give you exposure and time to confer how your company contributes to improving the lead gen space.

3. Socializing

LeadsCon is one of the rare events where you can successfully mix business with pleasure. There are plenty of events, parties and tournaments that give you the opportunity to personally connect to other marketers and find other joint interests. Especially the annual event held in Las Vegas offers spectacular parties.