Why Mobile Lead Generation is so important

Why Mobile Lead Generation is so important

Mobile has evolved into one of the most dominant channels in online marketing. While most companies have now realized that they should hop on the mobile bandwagon, some brands limit their mobile strategies to building great-looking mobile sites, without having a clear mobile lead generation strategy in place.

By 2015, mobile consumers will have purchased goods and services with $119 billion. And what’s more, mobile internet use is now more common than desktop internet use, with 55% of users accessing the internet from their phones or tablets. Companies have a real chance to take advantage of this growing mobile demand if they implement clear strategies on how to convert them into customers.

This begins with understanding the mobile user. Usually, people who look for goods and services on their phones, are ready to make quick buying decisions. Their attention span is much shorter and more fragmented than that of desktop users. Mobile users are also likely to look for very specific information. Mobile campaigns need to factor in this type of behavior in order to successfully acquire customers.

Often, the easiest way to do so, is to go back to basics. Simple designs, simple call-to-actions, and concise content. Moreover, making direct response functionality available for your calls, will allow consumers to follow-up themselves when they are indeed ready for a sale.

Here are other things to consider in our mobile acquisition strategy:

1. Simplicity

As mentioned above, the behavior of mobile users is often marked by a sense of urgency. They are looking for specific information at a specific moment, and will be more likely to engage if they are presented with a concise Call-to-Action (CTA), mobile-optimized images and short, straightforward content. CTAs have to be able to grab the user’s attention immediately, and be straightforward in what the user can get from filling in a form.

2. Responsive Design

Layout and design are extremely important when it comes to mobile lead generation. Campaigns should be designed using responsive design meaning that they will automatically adjust to the screen size they’re presented on. This will define how mobile users see your content. Although there are many things you can do to make content more palatable to mobile users: use paragraphs, bullet point, buttons, etc.

3. Always keep in mind user-friendliness

The fewer click for the user, the better. You may want to consider spacing questions out among many pages. Including swipe-functions is a better options for mobile campaigns, as well as offering select tools.

4. Speed is Important

Another important factor in mobile lead generation is speed. Even if you have the most beautiful and innovative campaign, if it takes too long to load, mobile users are likely to click away. Consider using smaller images and pre-loading campaigns rather than loading every single step.