March Update: Quality, Verification, and Technology

ReviMedia March Update: Quality, Verification, and Technology

ReviMediaMarch 22, 2012: Our optimizations to increase lead quality, verification, and technology.

Our team has made some significant updates and optimizations that we want to share with you. We are and will stay dedicated to making continued improvements and optimizations to ensure we are offering our buyers live, exclusive quality leads by filtering out any unwanted, duplicate, or unverified leads. As we see more and more closing data from our carriers and buyers, we are able to proactively scale up and down sources very quickly.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We will block any unwanted source within 24 hours. We can also review and unblock within 24 hours.

We have now officially implemented a zero tolerance policy. If a source is not working for you and you would like to reduce, pause, or block it, just let us know and we will be sure to accommodate your request within 24 hours. We generate all of our leads and all of our creative is generated within our own internal creative team. We have over 80 active sources that are promoting our creatives. We want to be sure we are providing the right mix for you.

Automated Buyer Tiers

Our team has automated our system, to distinguish 3 separate tiers of buyers based on bids, acceptance rates and returns.

A new tiered system for our price presentation model has been created. Our system can now automatically distinguish and place buyers in different tiers. This smart algorithm works in real time, and takes into consideration, lead return rates, return reasons, post acceptance rates, payment history, ping and post speed, volume, bidding patterns, etc. This will allow us to reward our buyers who have low returns, high post acceptance rates. It will also prevent any potential duplicates or manipulated data to protect ourselves, but also our buyers.

E-bureau Integration

Integration is now complete with E-bureau, to supplement our internal verification and eliminate any unwanted lower quality leads.

ReviMedia has now integrated with E-bureau. We will be using the E-bureau verification and personalized scoring system together with our own system to help classify and verify our leads in live-time before providing them to you. This will allow us to further eliminate any invalid contact information and reduce leads that have a higher risk of lead returns. We can also provide you with the average scores for which you are currently buying our leads, so you can adjust your filters as you see fit.