LXP hits 7mm mark of leads generated

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ReviMedia just announced its proprietary lead exchange platform LXP® surpassed the 7mm milestone of generated leads. LXP® was launched in 2012 and serves more than ten vertical industries including all insurance verticals, home security and automotive.

LXP® includes a suite of proprietary tools to automate lead scoring, verification, analytics, and optimizations. ReviMedia recently updated it lead distribution engine to improve the volume and delivery speed of leads in order to keep up with the demand of its growing lead buyer base, and to support the fast growth of the company. This update has enabled LXP® to deliver verified and scored leads from form to buyer within 0.8 seconds (on average).

With the increasing amount of data, ReviMedia is continually enhancing its data models to make its prediction models and lead scoring more accurate. A recent update of scoring algorithms has already increased prediction accuracy by 58%.

With this growing data, ReviMedia has been able to identify clear trends. For example, mobile generated leads grew by 513% from 2012 to 2013. This clearly underscores the importance of mobile lead gen as a dominant channel for advertisers, and ReviMedia has responded by offering optimized mobile campaigns for all its verticals.

“We are proud to have reached the 7mm milestone of generated leads,” said Frans Van Hulle, CEO of ReviMedia. “Thanks to our recent updates, we can offer our growing buyer base high volumes of scored and verified leads, delivered in seconds. We anticipate reaching the 10mm milestone by the end of 2014.”
ReviMedia COO Bas Offers added, “the more data we collect and analyze, the more accurate our predictive models will become.”

Read the full press release here.