Lead Generation: Outsource or DIY

Lead Generation: Outsource or DIY

The foundation of lead generation is technology, and your success in acquiring new customers greatly depends on how efficient your lead generation solutions are. Developing and implementing lead gen solutions can be a very time-consuming process, and you may not be familiar with all the specifics of lead gen technology. Many companies are not sure whether to outsource lead generation, or to do it themselves. Whether you outsource or DIY in the end depends on your own strategy. If you really want to be an expert in lead generation, and have full control over the process, you should do it yourself. If you want to focus on your energy on other things, or if you don’t have good technical or design teams, you should consider outsourcing.

To make the decision process easier, we are going to look at some aspects of lead generation and discuss DIY vs outsourcing.

Lead Gen Forms

Designing a good lead gen form is the bread and butter of lead generation. But it’s also a highly technical undertaking. There are many things to look our for when designing a lead gen form, e.g., integrating real-time verification, enable them on mobile, and other things. Moreover, forms need to be designed well, and catch the customer’s eye in order to grab their attention.

  • Should You do it Yourself?

Yes, if you have good development and design teams who are experienced enough to implement campaigns, split-test, and create mobile campaigns.

  • Should You Outsource?

Many lead generation companies offer whitelabel campaigns which can capture high-quality leads. If this is taking up too many resources and man-hours, you’re better off outsourcing this.

Lead Verification

Lead verification can be tricky business. There are simple things that companies can docan be done in-house, such as checking if there is obvious fraud or examining whether IP addresses and ZIP codes match. You can also measure how much time users spend on filling in forms. But there are many companies that offer external cross-referencing services to verify leads with database lookup in order to prevent fraud.

  • Should You Do it Yourself?

In order to do this in-house, you need to be precise ad be able to verify in real-time.

  • Should You Outsource?

If you want to prevent fraud from entering your ecosystem, it’s much easier to outsource this to experienced companies and integrate their technology into your lead generation system

Lead Tracking

Tracking leads is important in order to determine appropriate follow-up actions. When you’re a small company without a big marketing budget, you might want to choose to do this with spreadsheets. Nevertheless, the easiest way to track leads is to find a good CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Especially when you generate a lot of leads, it may be easier to implement a system that allows different departments to follow-up on leads in a structured and organized way. The only issue you may have in implementing this type of tool is that you may have to train your staff to use this type of tool. That’s why you should choose a tool that matches your company’s technical knowledge.

  • Should You Do it Yourself?

If you can afford it, it’s better to outsource this.

  • Should You Outsource?Find a good CRM tool that is easy to use and help you move leads along the sales funnel. Developing sophisticated CRM tools is an art of its own, excel files won’t do.

    Lead Scoring

    The prerequisite for successful lead scoring is that you have access to a lot of data so you can establish correlations between data points and sales conversions. This allows you to develop data models which can help you to implement real-time lead scoring to predict lead quality. In order to do this, you have to be good at collecting and analyzing data.

    • Should You DIY?
    • If you know have skills in data analysis and data modeling, this is something you can develop yourself since no one else has a better idea of what “high lead quality” means to you.
    • Should You Outsource?
    • Data analysis is a very highly complex and technical undertaking that needs continuous revision in order to work well. If you don’t have experience in data modelling, or enough data to establish correlations, it’s better to outsource.

    To conclude, there are many things that companies can do in-house to be successful at lead generation. Some small businesses may not have the resources to outsource everything, and there are certainly some things you can well without being an expert. However, if you realize you are wasting resources and the ROI is missing, it is better to out-source to companies that are specialized. ReviMedia, for example, offers full-service lead generation covering the technical back-end from lead gen forms, verification, and lead scoring.