Launch of New Website

Leading online marketing company ReviMedia has entered the automotive lead generation business by offering a service to compare cars.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc, has launched a, a car comparison website which allows users to compare cars side-by-side, obtain tips and guidance and request quotes.

The automobile industry has seen a great shift in consumer behavior, with more than 90% of all car buyers now doing research on the internet instead of consulting dealerships before purchasing a car. Moreover, a 2011 study on Online Automotive Buyer Behavior reveals that 89% of study respondents found tips given by other car shoppers and owners most helpful in obtaining information about cars.

ReviMedia responded to this development by acquiring and launching the service The website allows users to directly compare important vehicle information such as price, performance and safety and to browse through a large database of new and used cars. Most importantly, the website motivates its users to submit their own reviews of cars they have driven or owned so that other users can obtain relevant and honest information to help them make an independent and informed choice.

“We are enthusiastic about moving into the automotive lead generation as it’s a great match with the other verticals we are active in, such as pet, health and car insurance. With the help of our in-house call centre, our premium domains and media-buying experience, we aim to get a market-share and find our position in this vertical”, said CEO Frans Van Hulle.

ReviMedia has partnered with leading automotive lead exchange company Detroit Trading and is leveraging Chrome Data Solutions’ (Chrome Data) website tool for this service. Detroit Trading, the largest automotive lead exchange company in the United States, is a lead buyer of this service. Chrome Data offers automotive content and technology solutions and has provided one of its platform tools, Carbook Showroom, for access by

ReviMedia, Inc, is an online lead generation company specialized in developing and executing direct response and performance marketing campaigns. Its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP, supports high quality lead generation in insurance verticals, exclusive in-house offers and more. ReviMedia has offices in New York City, Panama City and Amsterdam.