Innovative lead generation approaches

Leading online marketing company ReviMedia has reinforced its position in the health insurance business by offering a website to compare disability insurance providers.

NEW YORK, NY – Leading online marketing company ReviMedia has developed a unique multiple advertising model which incorporates entertainment aspects into insurance promotion. By engaging users on a personal level, ReviMedia is able to achieve higher user retention, conversion and high-quality leads.

Responding to a growing shift in marketing involving social media and indirect communication methods, ReviMedia has taken a unique approach to the insurance vertical by involving users on a personal level. In order to attract attention and to offer insurance companies high quality leads, entertaining quizzes have been developed (e.g. What kind of driver are you?, Are women better drivers?) which include insurance promotion into multiple choice quiz questions. By appealing to personal preferences and experiences of users, interest in and awareness of insurance topics are raised. These quizzes therefore capture a larger audience of interested users.

“In the saturated insurance lead generation market, we’ve been the ‘new kid on the block’. Thanks to our innovative approach and strong technical focus, we’ve been able to get a foothold in the insurance vertical and to secure a market share. We are expanding rapidly, and we’ll continue working closely with our publishers and lead buyers to increase quality and volume”, said CEO Frans Van Hulle.

ReviMedia is also focusing on mobile audiences who represent a growing category of web users. Mobile traffic is forecast to increase 18-fold between 2011 until 2016, with an estimated 98 billion mobile app downloads by 2015. In order to make its campaigns more mobile-friendly, ReviMedia now offers optimized forms for mobiles to obtain insurance quotes. These campaigns are offered on mobile portals and through mobile apps which has resulted in tremendous first success. Users requesting quotes through their mobile device generally have a higher retention rate as the time and effort invested into filling in forms on mobiles reflects motivated users.