The Importance of Automation in Lead Generation

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The internet has fundamentally changed how we do business. In lead generation, we have moved away from traditional methods to obtain data, for example by cold calling, and have switched to online strategies. There’s a much bigger chance to get leads online and with the rise in mobile devices, consumers are much more likely to use mobile internet to search for products. Nevertheless, this also has presented us with new marketing challenges: How to organize all the data? How to measure which campaigns work best? Which leads are genuinely interested? Luckily for online marketers, there are now plenty of automated lead generation tools that can make one’s life much easier.

The online lead generation industry is built on technology. However, much of the industry is still largely inefficient. It’s time to harness the potential that sophisticated technical tools can offer in improving lead gen processes. By using automation correctly, we can save an enormous amount of time, energy and financial investements that go towards solving technical and administrative lead generation complexities. And what’s more, by relying much more heavily on technology and automation, we can actively raise lead quality standards.

This is why we would like you give you an insight into the technical aspects of lead generation that will help you to become a lead gen automation master. In particular, we’ll be looking at:

  • Technical Requirements in Online Lead Generation
  • The Importance of a Good Lead Gen Form
  • Automating lead verification
  • How to develop sophisticated lead scoring
  • How to connect buyers
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Lead Tracking
  • Overview of all possible automated lead generation tools
  • DIY or Outsource?
  • Optimizing technology gives marketers more time to improve their marketing strategies and their reach. And by automating lead generation tools, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll be doing it “right”. And if everyone does it right, it’s a win-win for everyone in the industry with more high quality leads being produced.