How ReviMedia is Instilling More Confidence in Lead Buying

If you ask an advertiser to name one of their biggest pain points when it comes to customer acquisition, 9 out of 10 times they will bring up compliance, mainly relating to TCPA regulations. Why is that? Well, no one wants to be sued by a lead they purchased from one of their “trusted” sources because something fell between the cracks.

In some cases, you could be liable for settlements of up to $250k and that’s not even factoring in how often these complaints come in, usually at least once a month. Well, here at ReviMedia, we want to remove risk from the customer acquisition efforts as much as we can for our clients. ReviMedia has been striving for transparency and trust in customer acquisition and is always looking for ways to expand and improve.

Jornaya - The Power of Intent

We are happy to announce a new partnership between ReviMedia and Jornaya. Jornaya is a 3rd party service that provides insight to the leads you are buying. This includes TCPA disclosure matching, source monitoring, and user engagement, amongst other things. One of the biggest advantages is the large adoption Jornaya has achieved within the industry and this, of course, helps to provide a better overview of the ecosystem.

ReviMedia was one was the first companies to embrace Jornaya and has now added Jornaya’s Intelligence and TCPA Guardian solutions to its arsenal of services to combat fraud and align further with our strategy of increasing transparency and trust in the industry. With the large and unique set of data points, Jornaya is able to collect, advertisers are able to catch problems before things get out of hand and remedy the issues promptly.

We have always been a big advocate of Jornaya’s LeadID,” stated Bas Offers, COO of ReviMedia. “Our main goal is to provide advertisers with more insight on the leads they are buying in regards to quality, the source and to remove risk from customer acquisition. Advertisers want to know where exactly their leads are coming from, and not just because we say it but that it’s confirmed, in this case by Jornaya who is an unbiased party.

Jornaya is excited to deepen our relationship with ReviMedia as we share a common goal, to increase transparency and trust in the lead generation space,” said Ross Shanken, CEO, Jornaya. “With the insights Jornaya Intelligence and TCPA Guardian provide, ReviMedia can drive performance of marketing campaigns for their partners, effectively work with their lead sources, and ensure that every call or text made is compliant with the TCPA.

What does this mean for our advertisers?

1. ReviMedia is auditing all leads that come through our system and analyzing the information collected by Jornaya to make sure they are following client-approved practices such as compliant TCPA language and sites.

2. We sort out any irregularities we notice in terms of user engagement and lead durations so that our sources are optimizing less desirable or bogus leads out.

3. We will actively block leads that are not compliant to standards so problematic leads will never reach your systems.

ReviMedia will continue improving quality and ensure that our clients are meeting their ROIs without the compliance risk.

Written by Annie Jin
Product Manager