Basic Lead Gen Technology Requirements

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In this second installment in our series on the importance of technology in lead generation, we are going discuss the tech basis for lead generation. If you missed the first part in our series, you can find it here.

These basic requirements for lead gen technology are often time-consuming which sometimes makes lead generation less efficient than it could be. This is why investing in optimized technology and automation can help companies to make the lead generation process a smooth process resulting in higher quality leads.

So which tools do online marketers have at their disposal?

The most basic question to ask yourself is whether you will generate your own leads or buy from lead generators. Secondly, think about the channels you’re using to generate leads. Depending on the channel, the requirements for lead gen technology are very different. For example, if you are generating leads through social media, it is very important to have mobile-optimized lead gen forms. If you relz on media buying, you need to have a very good tracking system in place.

Moreover, it is important that you have systems in place that can measure your lead quality. Because, let’s face it, if your leads aren’t going to convert into sales, then your efforts are for naught. And this is where lead gen becomes tricky: Not only do you want to generate high quality leads, you also want to have an optimized lead gen setup that allows you as many leads as possible.

Things you need to have in place:

Lead Gen Form

You need to have a good lead gen form in place in order to generate high quality leads. This detail is often overlooked and many people would be surprised if they knew how many leads they are missing out on by not having a user-friendly form. In the end it is simple: You only have one shot to make a good impression. Waste that opportunity and that potential lead is gone. Forms need to be accessible on all kinds of browsers and need to work flawlessly on mobile devices. Building a good lead gen form is very complex: It needs to have a friendly design, it needs to be short and it needs to be easy. Moreover, the importance of user-friendly error messages and auto-complete forms cannot be stressed enough. Having a good form is the first step towards nailing lead gen technology.

Lead Verification

Lead verification is extremely important in preventing fraud and filtering out unusable data. Many lead verification checks can be done easily by verifying phone numbers and email addresses or checking if IP addresses match with ZIP codes or states. Lead verification is offered by many companies which have developed software that can easily verify data in real-time. These services include cross-referencing, historical data checks or providing lead with an ID to make lead origins more transparent.

Lead Scoring

Since the overall goal is to generate high quality leads, lead scoring technology plays a vital role. Lead scoring is a very complex task. It needs sophisitcated algorithms in order to measure lead quality in reference to pre-set parameters. Nevertheless, lead scores can give marketers an overall picture of how likely leads are to convert. In this sense, lead scoring is much more a prediction model than a track record.

Real-time reporting & data analytics

In order to gauge the likelihood of leads converting, it’s very important to have real-time insights into data and to understand how to measure it: the cost of generating leads, how leads convert, etc…In an ideal situation you should be able to track any leads back to their source and determine sales per source, taking into account the acquisition costs. Understanding your data is vital to being successful and to making improvements.

The faster leads are followed up on, the higher the chance of lead conversions. That’s why speed is also an important factor in lead generation. All lead gen technology needs to work in real-time and should to verify, score and ping leads in milliseconds.

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