analyzes US automotive market

New infographic by analyzes recent trends and developments on the US automotive market and provides essential consumer tips on buying a new car.

Infographic: Deciding to Buy a New Car

NEW YORK, NY – Online marketing company, a leading car comparison website, has released a new infographic analyzing recent trends and developments on the US car market and to guide users’ decision-making process when purchasing a new car.

Up to date 3,821,728 cars have been sold in the US in 2012. In 2011, dealerships sold about 12.8 million new cars which represented a 2.4 million increase in new car sales compared to 2010. For 2012, car sales are expected to pass the 14 million mark, reflecting great motivation amongst consumers to buy vehicles. There are manifold reasons why there has been an increase in car sales: For one, the economy is slowly starting to pick up again, although the market is not at the level of before 2008. Another simpler reason is that many cars in the US are old. The average truck on US roads is almost 11 years old and in the past surveys have shown that owners hold on to their cars for seven to eight years or longer.

Moreover, the car market has seen a great shift in consumer behavior with more than 90% of consumers now using the internet to gather information about vehicles instead of consulting dealerships. In order to summarize automotive statistics and to provide tips to users looking to gather information online, has developed the new infographic “Buying A New Car” which provides future car owners with tips on how to go about finding the right car.

The infographic shows which car brands are in high demand and analyzes new and used car sales over the past ten years. Moreover, users are informed about different paths to car ownership, such as leasing and buying. While leasing is generally a better option for short-term ownership, statistics show that the majority of Americans prefer buying vehicles. In 2010, about 79.6% of car owners purchased vehicles while only 20.4% leased their cars.

Most importantly, tips are given on how to choose the right vehicle for different lifestyles and what to consider when it comes to setting a budget for buying a new car. has experienced fast growth over the past months and is investing in building out its website by using innovative tools to adapt to recent trends and developments in the US car market.

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