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As a company, we are very aware of the impact that we have on the environment. Being a company with offices in four different countries, some of our emissions are inevitable: business travel, electricity use, and employee commuting. Since ReviMedia strives to be a 100% sustainable company, we want to do our part to act responsibly as a business, and to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can with our Tree Project. Over the last 3 years, ReviMedia has already planted around 5,000 trees in order to become as green as possible.

According to the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, published in 2014, global warming is now unequivocal. Predicted impacts of climate change include sea level rise, higher frequency of extreme weather, and overall warmer temperatures. This situation is worsened by the degradation of forests which are logged all over the world to create space for farming and new urbanizations. But the fact is – we need more trees which absorb CO2 and can help us fight global warming.

How do we do it?

Every year, we calculate our greenhouse gas emissions, so-called GHG calculations, in-house. These emissions calculations are important to determine the carbon footprint of ReviMedia as a business, in other words, how much CO2 we emit into the atmosphere through our daily business operations.

Once we calculate our environmental impact, our team visits deforested sites in the countryside of Veraguas, Panama, where we plant new tree seedlings to improve local environmental conditions. By planting ReviMedia forests, we not only offset our own emissions, but also provide habitat to local wildlife and generate employment for local workers helping us to plant trees.

Over 2013, ReviMedia’s Tree Project GHG calculations amounted to 75 MT of CO2, which can be broken down into:

DescriptionMetric TonesTrees
Electricity28 MT1,667 Trees
Business Travel35 MT1,458 Trees
Employee Commute12 MT500 Trees
Paper carbon offset0.3 MT12.5 Trees

The trees that ReviMedia are planting are pine trees that thrive in tropical climates, grow fast and absorb a large amount of CO2. Although there are different calculations and indices, there seems to be widespread consensus that mature pines can absorb about 48 pounds of CO2 per year. Based on this calculation, ReviMedia will plant 3,637.5 trees to achieve its objective of offsetting its GHG emissions.

As you can tell from our team planting day pictures, we had a blast kicking off our project in 2014. Although we ran into tropical rains and had to pose for our pictures in garbage bags, we managed to plant about 200 trees despite the rain and mud. Over the summer months of 2014, we’ll be back every 6 weeks to check on the process and to plant. While we are not there, local workers will maintain our little pine trees and help us identify more spots for planting.

If you would like to support us in our green initiative and contribute to our Tree Project, please contact us.

Our green spirit has planted 5,239 trees!