We offer lead gen solutions for insurance verticals and other industries with our flexible lead exchange platform PX, which accommodates specific industry requirements.


Auto Insurance

Find highly-interested auto insurance inquiries

Car insurance is among the most competitive insurance verticals in the United States. Recent studies have shown that consumer behavior has shifted from direct consultation with agents and carriers to a more indirect form of interaction online. Our lead exchange platform PX offers top-notch campaigns that attract highly interested car sales inquiries. What’s more, PX makes sure you only receive high quality auto insurance leads thanks to our innovative lead verification and scoring techniques. Car insurance lead generation is also a great match with our other verticals, such as automotive or auto finance. Read more about Auto Insurance lead generation here.



High-Quality Automotive Lead Gen

The US automotive industry is experiencing a boom with a record number of consumers shopping for new cars. More than 90% of consumers now consult the internet to find and compare new and used car quotes. ReviMedia offers optimized campaigns that attract high quality traffic. We also own the premium automotive domain, an SEO optimized, trustworthy web brand with over 100,000 unique visitors per day. Moreover, automotive is a great fit with our lead generation services in other verticals such as auto, home, and pet insurance. Our lead generation campaigns include high converting Zip Code Submits, i-Frames, and mobile campaigns. Read more about automotive lead generation here.


Health Insurance

Real-time Health Insurance Leads

The US health insurance industry is undergoing great changes. As health insurance has become mandatory, there will be a sharp increase in people looking for health insurance quotes online. ReviMedia is in a position to market to the industry as a whole by generating high quality health insurance leads for agents and insurance carriers through our advanced lead generation platform PX. Apart from optimized and split-tested campaigns, we own the premium domain which attracts high quality traffic. In addition to Zip Code Submits and i-Frames, we also offer click-to-call mobile campaigns. Thanks to our lead scoring and verification technology, we pass on tested and filtered leads in milliseconds. Read more about Health Insurance lead generation here.


Life Insurance

Higher Life Insurance Lead Conversion

Using online lead generation is a relatively new development in the life insurance industry. According to recent surveys, almost half of potential life insurance buyers say they are more likely to use the internet to shop around for deals. ReviMedia can support the life insurance industry in obtaining high quality leads and establishing relationships with prospective customers. Life insurance agents can use the power of the internet to reach out to consumers immediately after the submission of quote requests. Life insurance is considered a high-income and -commission product: Another reason why higher conversions through the use of ReviMedia’s lead gen platform PX is advantageous. Read more about Life Insurance lead generation here.


Home Insurance

Generate more Home Insurance Leads

The housing market is seeing its first signs of recovery since the global financial meltdown in 2009 and the number of people shopping for new homes is starting to increase. Mortgage rates have fallen to a record low, and the construction of single-family houses is increasing. Home owners’ insurance rates have continued to increase since 2009, due to a more frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, fires, and hurricanes. ReviMedia’s inclusion of the home insurance vertical has been a natural progression given our activity in the auto insurance vertical. Many car owners are likely to own homes they want to insure. Customer satisfaction is higher among consumers who bundle their auto and homeowners policies thanks to the variety of coverage options available to customers who combine policies. Read more about Home Insurance lead generation here.


Pet Insurance

Generate higher revenue with Pet Insurance Lead Generation

Pet insurance is a relatively new vertical in the US. In total, only about 3% of all pets (including birds, horses, exotic and small animals and fish) in America are insured. At the same time, the number of pets and pet-related expenditure is rapidly increasing. ReviMedia has been very active in the pet insurance industry since 2012 and has all the necessary tools to support pet insurance carriers to expand their reach. ReviMedia owns a number of premium pet insurance related web properties and Pet insurance is an affordable policy that is a cross-selling product because many consumers who own a pet may also need home or car insurance. Therefore, this niche product offers great opportunities for lead generation. Read more about Pet Insurance lead generation here or visit


Disability Insurance

Find highly-interested disability insurance customers

According to statistics, 1 in 4 Americans in the work force are likely to suffer a short- or long-term disability before the end of their career. The economic consequences of a disability can be devastating: the average cost of a non-fatal disability is estimated at around $70,200 dollars. Also, 350,000 bankruptcies each year can be attributed to unexpected injuries, illnesses, or accidents. ReviMedia is committed to supporting the disability insurance industry to educate the public about disability insurance. We have partnered with MediaOptions to acquire and develop which offers vital information about disability insurance and gives users the chance to obtain disability insurance quotes. Disability insurance is a niche market that offers itself for cross-selling tactics. Since it’s a high-income product, consumers are likely to look for policies in life, home, or car insurance as well. Read more about the Disability Insurance lead generation here.


Home Security

Attract More Home Security Shoppers

There is a great need in the home security industry for relevant and qualified leads. Technological innovations are improving and integrating methods with which consumers can protect their homes from burglaries, damages and personal injuries. ReviMedia owns premium domains such as and that attract high quality organic traffic and interested consumers. Thanks to PX’s lead scoring and verification technology, leads are delivered in real-time and are 100% fraud-free. Local dealers and national home security providers therefore have access to sales opportunities with high conversion potential. ReviMedia offers sophisticated lead generation campaigns, including ZipCode Submits, i-Frames, long and short forms, and mobile optimized campaigns. Read more about Home Security lead generation here.


Auto Finance

High Quality Auto Loan Leads

A record number of people are currently shopping for new cars. Thanks to increased consumer interest, more people are also interested in finding out their options for financing a new car. ReviMedia can help dealerships connect to highly interested car shoppers. We generate higher-quality traffic and increase lead conversions by triple-verifying all leads before they are passed on to dealers. We own the premium domain and are active in auto insurance and automotive lead generation. We are therefore able to connect high-quality leads in real-time and can cross-sell products to consumers who express interest. Learn more about Auto Finance Lead Generation here

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