ReviMedia Re-vamps Insurance Quote Website


Lead Gen Powerhouse ReviMedia re-launches insurance portal

Fast-growing lead generation company ReviMedia, Inc, has re-launched its online insurance portal The revamped website now offers internet users an improved experience, allowing them to request numerous quotes from auto insurance carriers. Moreover, the re-launch aims to re-define the role of the user in the online lead generation process by offering a better user experience.

In recent years, consumer behavior has shifted from consulting agents directly to a more indirect way of finding quotes. Over 61% of people now search the internet for information and online insurance quotes. This trend is estimated to continue, considering the growing number of internet users and availability of services like However, the experience of many online users is sometimes limited, as indirect consultations on the internet offer less room for questions and interaction. What’s more, many agents and insurance companies tend to think of online leads in abstract terms and often lose sight of the fact that online leads are real people with real needs. offers online users an opportunity to request quotes from different auto insurance providers. Since its launch in summer 2012, the website has received over 20 million visitors, and has generated over 6 million unique leads. ReviMedia has now re-launched this insurance portal to improve the service offered to the end user. The revamped website includes expanded services, e.g., geo-targeting and an extended insurance library. In the coming few months, will move into the Home and Health Insurance verticals, and will add other services, such as a live chat, the ability to create an account, and to keep track of different insurance quotes and alerts.

“By revamping, we aim to add all the services that users would benefit from in a direct consultation. Improving the online user experience will help us to generate more highly interested leads that are more likely to convert into sales”, said CEO Frans Van Hulle.

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